January 3, 2013

Christmas Haul 2012

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This year Christmas came around again and again it was a great day. I had lunch at home with Mum and Dad before we headed down to my sisters where we met the rest of the family. We had another cooked meal then ran it off on the nearby manicured lawn area, playing classic catches (in the absence of a cricket bat or pump to pump up the footy).

After that, around about 9.30pm, we thought perhaps we’d better exchange presents seeing as that would take the better part of an hour and half or so. We all have this habit of wrapping up each present individually, making it heaps more fun, but tripling the time to actually open everything! And of course only one person at a time opens so we can all see what everyone else got!

So, here we go with the annual Christmas present list. I certainly did pretty well again this Christmas!

  • 2012 calendar
  • 2 bags of landscape mulch (wood chips), 1 bag “wetta mulch” and 1 bag of potting mix
  • Pick, shovel and pick axe
  • 3 Bush Christmas plants for the garden
  • 2 11 x 14 photo frames and 2 12 x 16 photo frames
  • 2Tb expansion hard drive
  • 20 pc screwdriver set
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
  • Scrubbing brush and miniature scrubbing brush
  • Ball pump (now I can pump up the footy!)
  • Fudge, shortbread, handful of favourites, cashew nuts, wafer sticks and some chips
  • Bathox liquid soap
  • Small gardening fork and weeding fork
  • Gift certificate at Word Bookstores
  • Foam kneeling pad
  • MP3 FM Modulator
  • Green beaded necklace

I can report that the plants are now planted and the mulch has all been placed on the garden.


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