August 14, 2012

Moscow Moscow Moscow!

Moscow Moscow Moscow! The whole time I was in Moscow I couldn’t get the words of that song (Moscow by Dschinghis Khan) out of my head! We only had 24 hours in Moscow, not by choice, but that was the way the cookie crumbled. We arrived in Moscow early morning (ok I guess 6.30am is really not that early), went to our hostel to dump our luggage (no link here for the hostel, it really wasn’t that good), then headed out to explore Moscow. We had a walking city tour lined up, so we caught the metro to where that started. The metro stations – wow, they are impressive. So impressive, that if you have time, you can actually do tours of the metro stations (all underground). They’re like whole historic buildings underground. Unfortunately we didn’t have time, but we did manage to see quite a few of them in our short travels around the city. The walking tour was good, but there were too many of us and I missed most of what was said.

Our first stop was the monument to Saints Cyril and Methodias in Slavyanskaya Square, not far from Red Square. Turns out they were the ones who are credited with inventing the Cyrillic alphabet (thanks google and wikipedia). That square is also home to All Saints Church Moscow, a church with a very interesting history. According to wikipedia – it’s been rebuilt quite a few times, used as a museum and even a place for executions by the NKVD. Thankfully it’s now back as a church!

For some reason some streets in Moscow used to be about 20 foot lower than where they are now. We leaned over the barricade on a street just near the Slavyanskaya Square and looked down on the footpath that was at street level in years gone by. Odd.

Saw one of the seven sisters. These sky scrapers were built to celebrate the 800 year anniversary of Moscow. Meant to be one skyscraper per 100 years, but the 8th one was never built. That’s a pretty big project to never finish… Maybe there’s hope for them yet.

Coming up in the next post… More of Moscow – St Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square… Hey, hey, hey Moscow, Moscow


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