August 8, 2012

St Petersburg – Peterhof

Wow, Peterhof. An oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle! Ok St Petersburg isn’t really a concrete jungle, it’s a fairly decent city, but I’m not a city person, so I enjoyed the gardens and fountains of Peterhof immensely. It’s a fair way out of town, so we took the metro and a public bus to get there. Metro stations underground have some very impressive architecture. Metro was nice to ride around on. Didn’t recognise the bus seeing as it was almost like a mini van, but we made it on there and some helpful Russians told us the right place to get off.

Made the mistake of standing in the wrong line at the palace, got to the front and was told this was the line for tour groups. *sigh* We didn’t bother going into the palace after that, but just enjoyed the gardens. Oh and I got to see the sea! That was the only time I got to see the sea for my whole trip!

With plenty of water around, it was great to see that at least at one place the kids were allowed to go through the fountains. It was a smallish fountain, and the kids (and the odd adult) were running through it. But the water would only come on at random times. Quite funny to see the kids methodically stepping on each rock trying to make it come on. I’m not sure if many noticed the old man behind the fountain watching the kids and turning the water on at random times…

Came home via the hydrofoil boat and that was worth every rouble! We slept most of the way home in the comfy boat seats, with the gulf of Norway as scenery.

Took a detour via the souvenir shops near the church of the spilled blood to get some souvenirs, so after that I was carrying around a bit of extra weight 😦 Had a crazy banana ice cream, but didn’t get any photos of it. Food is mostly pretty good, St Petersburg has plenty of salmon on the menu, and I’ve ended up eating in a good variety of restaurants – although lunch tends to be whatever over priced food the street vendors are selling at the tourist places – including inside the gardens today. Stopped at a very nice cafe today, Kupetz Eliseevs. They were trying hard to emulate Uganda with fake meat hanging in the shop window. They had some very nice chocolates and cake, with very nice price tags to go with it. I did pick up a couple of macaroons for later on though and they turned out to be very nice. For all those who would like some delicate chocolate or cake from Russia – see the photos below, that’s as close as you’re going to get from me!

Today was the last day in St Petersburg. We left at about 10pm that night to catch an overnight train to Moscow – the first of our many hours on the train!

Anyway, the pics really do tell the story a bit better about the fountains and gardens at the Peterhof palace, so here goes…


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  1. Excellent post! I keep a blog on Russia I talk a lot about the mentality of Russians, and so on.

    Comment by innamazing — August 9, 2012 @ 4:33 am | Reply

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