March 5, 2012

More of a jam…

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So a little over a week ago I made some jam and after that said I was done for jam making this year. But some good value jam making strawberries were a bit hard to resist, so I decided to give it another shot.

36 punnets of strawberries (minus the rotten ones which was probably about 80%) came down to about 2.75kg of useful fruit, 2kg of sugar (a little less than the recommended 1 pound sugar to one pound fruit) and some lemon juice. Fruit cooked, then everything thrown in together. End result: one burnt pot, one pot of jam on the stove top and 13 jars of strawberry jam for about $8! It looks like it didn’t quite set though, but it’s no worse than what you’d buy in the shops and better to be a bit runny as opposed to set like rock.

Putting some marbles in the bottom of the pot is meant to stop it from burning on the bottom – they roll around and make it so it doesn’t stick. Worked last time, but not this time.
To answer two questions: Did I eat much of the fruit and does it taste ok? I only had one strawberry right at the end and it tastes like strawberry jam, so that’s good enough for me!


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