February 26, 2012

In a jam

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Blood plums would have to be one of my favourite fruits, which goes all the way back to when I was a kid and we’d go out to nan’s and eat the plums straight from her tree. Nan would also make plum jam, which would also have to be my favourite jam. Nothing beat Nan’s plum jam, with scones that Nan had freshly baked in her wood fired stove, topped with some whipped cream. Since Nan passed away a while ago, we haven’t had the plums to make the jam and stocks at Mum’s were getting a little low. A lady at work brought in some blood plums the other day, so I took them home and made some jam. It was my first ever attempt at jam, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Here’s the finished product!

Plum Jam



  1. […] a little over a week ago I made some jam and after that said I was done for jam making this year. But some good value jam making […]

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  2. […] – Had to make some scones to test out the jam I made the last couple of weeks (blood plum and strawberry). See here for the scone recipe. Of course that’s the homemade strawberry jam […]

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