January 22, 2012

The Last Sunday

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So this post will wrap up the last Sunday I had in Uganda. I was due to preach at Barnabas’s church and Mike at the early service at Life Ark Church. Both were good services, the girls at Barnabas’s church gave a lovely rendition of an old hymn while the rain absolutely pelted down outside. Had a lot of fun preaching at Barnabas’s, so hopefully I’ll get back there one day. We went back to Barnabas’s house for lunch after church. They had prepared a traditional African meal and were so honoured that we would come and eat at their house.

After lunch I needed to stop by the market on the way home to pick up some goat for the Aussie night that I had with James and Solomon (read about it here). Ok, I know goat isn’t really Australian at all, but the only goat I’d had was in Kenya and it was mouth watering, so I was kinda wondering what Ugandan goat was like.

The next couple of days were spent in Jinja – rafting, quad biking and sight seeing around the Nile River (wrap up here).

My last ministry engagement this trip was back at Ben’s church later in the week, taking a small mid week group and just sharing something short. Of course, it had to get interesting, so not long after we’d started, the power (ie lights) went out. Never mind, the drums still make a noise, they don’t need power!


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