December 29, 2011

Catching up

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I haven’t really blogged much for a while, guess that’s because I’ve been busy. If we go back to November, I got into a bit of a cooking groove. Here’s some pictures of some of the food, I think the favourite would be lemon meringue pie!

The cake (basic buttercake with added coconut) was made from scratch, with a recommended preparation time of 20 minutes. Took me much longer than that! The banana crumble was ok, but I don’t think I’d make it again unless I was trying to get rid of some bananas! The choc coconut slice is nice and easy, but I had no cocoa, so I substituted milo. Still tasted pretty good. Pavlova slice is always a winner and is really easy!

I somehow managed to read the recipe wrong with my chewy choc oat biscuits and put in extra coconut. Not sure that accounts for the way they expanded and joined together though. Even though they didn’t look so great, they still taste good and keep for ages! Even better.

In another recipe mixup, I put a whole can of condensed milk in the lemon slice instead of half a can. It turned out a bit sticky, but that’s it. That also keeps quite well and I’m still eating it. Had a slight mishap with the icing on that as well. Put in the juice of a WHOLE lemon. Ohhh… the icing was soooooo runny. Kept putting in icing sugar, then decided that was getting nowhere so I went with the corn flour. That actually started to thicken it up with no noticeable taste issues. (I’m putting that tip here for next time my icing turns out too runny.)

The salmon patties were mainly made as a trial. I wanted to see how they came up if I ate them cold or froze them. They seem to taste ok, but really, I didn’t love them. Reasonably easy except for making the actual patties which was a bit time consuming.

After all that baking effort in November and early December, I haven’t done much cooking at all til now. For Christmas eve lunch at work (well technically Christmas eve eve) I made a tuna and tomato flan. Such an easy dish that still tasted great reheated the next day. I think everyone at work loved it (and that’s hard to achieve).

So that’s about it for my cooking exploits recently. I’ll be getting back into it soon, so stay tuned.


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