August 23, 2011

Afternoon Safari and Ngiri Camp

So twelve months ago…

Last post I detailed our morning safari, so now here’s the afternoon safari on the Serengeti. Of course we had a great lunch in between, cooked by our very good cook – and too busy eating it to get any pics, some free time to do some washing (if needed) and have a shower while there was some warm water (water is warmed by the sun – not solar, just in a black tank, it’s enough to take the chill off it during the day). It’s actually pretty cold at nights at these places, we had a fire at night while we were there, that was nice. The camp site, Ngiri camp, is pretty basic – a cleared area to camp in, some huts to cook in, some shelters to shelter under, a good toilet and shower block (no hot water or power, but they are luxuries) and plenty of monkeys and hyenas to keep us on our toes.

The afternoon safari – again plenty of animals. Saw a herd or family of elephants up really close and saw the African Environments Film Crew getting some shots of them as well. They had a pretty serious lens on their camera! The giraffes were so close – the animals don’t even worry about the vehicles. Took a tour of the visitor center at Serona, which had a detailed, life sized, interactive exhibit of the wildebeest migration and saw the rock that the final scene of the movie the Lion King was based on – where Simba stood as king of the jungle.


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