August 22, 2011

Morning Safari

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Got up earlish today for our first morning safari. Pretty amazing. Saw 4 of the big 5. Big 5 are Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and Rhino. Got to watch the lions hunt – they are pretty powerful creatures, and very patient. They were stalking and circling the little gazelle for a long time. They worked as a pack, slowly isolating the gazelle from the rest of the group. In the end though, the little gazelle took off and the kill and capture took place away in the distance. Still, we were happy with that – until the next day when we saw better!

Then the coolest thing was, after the lions had finished, they came back and sat in the shade of our truck. Literally right outside our window were 2 lionesses, just sitting, enjoying the cool of the shade. As long as we stay inside our vehicle, we’re safe. But if we were to get out, they’d see us as prey and attack. And no, we have no protection around our campsite. It is open… so don’t ask me how that works.

Driving through the Serengeti is quite amazing. Sometimes there are just endless plains, there is a huge sense of space. Then seemingly from nowhere, up will spring a few trees, and an oasis. Sometimes away in the distance you will see a kopje, a rocky outcrop, often where the lions hang out. These are quite amazing – all around are plains, then in the middle of nowhere, a heap of rocks rise from the ground.

Plenty of zebras in the early morning light, some giraffes and elephants thrown in for good measure, a few birds and all have names, but most I can’t remember. The leopard was just hanging around in the tree. He was hard to spot and was a long way off. But still, we crossed that one of our list on the big 5. Chris and Julius (our driver and guide) were both pretty good at spotting the animals. We’d be like… where is it… what are we looking at?? Took us all ages to spot that leopard.

There’s also an ugly 5 – hyena, vulture, wildebeest, warthog and marabou. We spotted all of them at some point.

Another memorable moment was watching the lion family play. The 3 little cubs came out from the shade and started playing with their dad (I guess he was their dad) as he came back. We could’ve stayed there for ages just watching them but lunch back at camp awaited!

The photos may not look the clearest and best, but that is the dust. There is plenty of dust around. We had the windows of the truck open all the time and dust just flies everywhere. But we put up with it because you couldn’t see anything out the windows if they were up because they were so dirty!

This was only our first real safari – we still had an arvo one later in the day and another one tomorrow morning. There’s a time restriction on safaris – after about 5 or 6 pm you’re not allowed to be “on safari” so you don’t disturb the animals.

Enjoy the pics, I had trouble narrowing them down. The awesomeness of it all is well, simply awesome.



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