August 22, 2011

Caves and Pipes

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I’d had this weekend booked up in good faith for a while, but after those friends cancelled at the last minute, I had a free weekend and was determined to redeem it. Actually reminded me of that song by Claire Hazard – finest unreliable friend – is an interesting song and quite fitting actually. But I digress…

It was a lovely sunny weekend, so staying at home doing the cleaning was not an option and doing my blog was still an inside job, so that also got the flick. So what else could I do, but jump in the car and head out bush?

Went to a favourite place of mine, Melville caves, about an hour’s drive from here. I love getting out in the bush, especially at this time of year. It was great just sitting on top of the rocks there, looking out at the scenery below, listening to the birds and smelling the wattle. The smell of the wattle surely must be the smell of spring! Love checking out the different plants and looking for things that you may not notice if you’re in a hurry.
Then headed over to Mt Moligal. I drive past it quite a bit when I head that way for work but I’ve never had time to go up for a look. Great view and looked good looking back at the rocks of Melville caves.

Sunday I had the day off church, so I headed south to one of the churches in Melbourne, then dropped in at the Organ Pipes National Park on the way home. The pipes were just as I remember them – not that spectacular, but maybe I needed to look at them a bit longer. Rosette rock was different and the Tessellated pavement is much more spectacular in Tassie. Still, it is good seeing the different rock formations, the different things that God has created and enjoying the smell of wattle and listening to the birds and the stream flowing over the rocks. Sitting in the sun, listening to the stream flowing over the rocks is like water to the soul, but I’m not sure that the aeroplanes flying over head enhance the setting…

I got asked if I took any pics and if they turned out – hence this post. Thought I may as well chuck ’em up here so everyone can take a look.

The first six rows are some shots from Melville Caves. Always amazes me what manages to grow in the rocks! The last few rows are from the Organ Pipes NP.


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