August 15, 2011


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That evening we headed off to the Bushfire rally. They are a team from the UK who come over and hold some evangelistic rallies in different local communities around Kampala. They have a ministry team and we were privileged enough to be part of that. We knew where the rally was, as in we had a location – at Kalagi football oval – in what seemed like the other side of Kampala, on the way to Jinja. I wouldn’t say we got lost. But we definitely took the very, very scenic route. I got to see some different areas of the city. This was a much better area and some of the roads and buildings were more consistent with how we think of a city – a bit more modern, a bit more built up and of course much busier. We had another slight unexpected delay thanks to the Ugandan traffic police, but we did find out that Victorian licenses are quite acceptable as evidence of a drivers license! And yes, if you are a muzungu and you cross double lines, they will pull you over. But don’t worry about the 100 other vehicles all around that do exactly the same thing…

We stopped along the way and asked for directions. One guy said yes, down that road about 3 or 4km. Try about 30km… Another lesson learnt – Ugandans aren’t so good on distances (he wasn’t the only one who’d given us a wrong distance). At least we were getting closer – we hoped! We got to the next village and this time we asked a policeman to help us. So the Ugandan police somewhat redeemed themselves through this guy – he actually jumped in the car with us and took us there! (It was a convenient lift home from work for him.)

Made it to the rally and it was great to meet some English people – people who spoke our language! Had a great time ministering with them afterward – prayed for heaps of people and I’m sure that God did some pretty amazing things. Plenty of kids with hearing trouble – I suspect it had something to do with the huge speaker banks and unbelievably loud (and ear piercing) noise coming out of them… This was the third night I think, so they had some people share who had had their lives changed by God’s power in the last day or two.
Found out that there was a much, much quicker and easier way to get there – the main road just near our house basically went straight there. Our drive home went from about 2.5hrs to 40 mins.

We came back the next night (taking the short route and after a HUGE downpour that arvo that caused traffic chaos) and stopped on the way home to grab some Ugandan equivalent of take away. Not really sure what we were buying, but a selection of fried food finished off with some ice cream! Lovely.

By the way – driving in Uganda at night is dangerous. Not because you might get mugged. Ugandan drivers don’t dim their lights. So we had people behind us driving with their lights on high, people coming toward us with their lights on high and then people walking on the side of the road – 1, 2, sometimes 3 or 4 abreast, with no regard at all for the traffic behind them. I guess they figured the cars would go around them, but gee, those people were really hard to see (imagine dark night, dark road, no street lights and black people), I’d imagine the pedestrian death toll would be pretty high.

Bank of speakers at the Bushfire rally we went to

See this post for a few more photos.


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