August 15, 2011

Back to Kampala

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Headed off early this morning – I actually forget what time, but early enough. It was still dark. Drove back to Biso on the road we came in on – looks pretty different in the dark. Thankfully though, not too many people on the side of the road at that time of the morning – and not much traffic either. Got to Biso and tried to find the turnoff for Hoima. Ugandans have bad roads – but at least they’re roads. However, I don’t think they have yet really heard of road signs, let alone grasped the concept of them! Marita said get to the top of the hill, turn right at Biso, you can’t miss it. LOL… yeah. Well, I think we turned down the right road. But then the road became a little narrower… then a lot narrower. We stopped and asked a guy some directions. He said “yes”. We decided that Ugandans just say “yes” if they don’t understand. We kept going down this road for a while, but I think we decided we were going the wrong way and turned around. A phone call to Marita when we were back in range helped get us back on the right track.

Navigating in a strange country with no road signs is hard enough, but add to that there was also…. drum roll…. FOG!!!! FOG!!! I’m like WHAT???? I couldn’t believe that here I was in this supposedly year round “hot” country and it’s foggy. I didn’t think we were that high up, so maybe it was just exceptionally cold. The fog took ages to lift – students were well and truly on their way to school (or at school) and there was still fog hanging round. Eventually we got to Hoima. It felt like lunch time, but it was only around 9am. Had a little tour of Hoima – saw the radio station where Mike had done a couple of pieces, the church where he had preached in and the lady’s house he had stayed in. Asked someone from the church whether the pastor was round. Another case of mis-communication, because they said no, no, he’s away. He rang us a couple of hours later saying he was there in Hoima. The joys of a foreign language.

The road from Hoima to Kampala is interesting. Yes, it’s fully asphalted. But… yes, there has to be a twist. Along the road are sets of speed humps. Usually when you come to a village, but not always. Sometimes they are just seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Most times they have a sign warning you there’s speed humps ahead. But not always. I was driving and I missed a couple of the signs (maybe there was no sign!). Going over speed humps at 70-80kmh is not much fun for the passengers! It’s not just one speed hump either. Most of the speed humps are in groups of 5 – two smaller ones either side of a bigger one in the middle. Then there’ll normally be a “set” of these – so about 3-5 sets placed 50-100m apart. The purpose of them is just to get you to slow down because nobody obeys the speed limits. So to curb the road toll, they put in speed humps. You finally get a good road and it’s ruined by speed humps 😦

We got back to Kampala by early afternoon, in plenty of time for our next adventure that evening!


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