August 15, 2011

A lazy day in Bulisa

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Today (twelve months ago) was a bit of a lazy day hanging around in Bulisa. I would have loved to go back to the top of the falls, but the cost of fuel, time and entry into the park makes it a little prohibitive if you’re on a tight budget. So instead, Mike and I headed off on a photo safari. Took the camera, the car and went bush. Spare batteries – check. Camera – check. Stop to take first photo – camera error. WHAT???? Oh yeah, a little thing called a memory card. DOH!!! Yes, a photo safari without a working camera is not what you would call a successful start to the day. But anyway, Mike had a spare memory card, so after clearing up some space on that, I was back in action. We headed out along the road into Bulisa – saw the “wildlife” cows, goats etc.

Supposedly there’s a lion hanging around the area, but I’m sure some of the locals are just saying that so that people don’t go wandering around everywhere. You talk to “real” locals about lions and they just laugh. We split up, Mike headed one way and I headed another – none of this taking the same photo stuff!!! I can report that his photos had vastly improved now that he was taking his time and not blaming the camera! Somehow we ended up spending a good 3 or 4 hours out there on photo safari, checking out mainly plants, flowers, insects and birds and by the time we got back to Marita’s, they’d already had lunch ages ago. That was ok with us until they’d told us what they had. GOAT!!! Oh no, we had missed out big time! Goat was a rarity there – it is meat and not something they eat every day. With no fridge, it had all disappeared, not a scrap left for us. Oh well, I had some pretty cool photos and they didn’t, so I was happy with that.

That afternoon we spent a bit of time with the kids playing footy. Real footy – Aussie rules. The kids loved having a kick, looks like one or two had a bit of talent too. Sadly, some of the kids clothes were pretty much rags. But that’s all they had. Some of them live in huts, with dirt floors and nothing else. The families literally are “dirt poor” – they have nothing. Sometimes I wish people in richer countries who have so much and access to so many things like clean water, health care, roads, public transport, utilities, welfare, education, clean clothing, rubbish collection, abundance of fresh food and meat – but yet complain they are poor and have nothing would take a look at how the other half of the world lives. We have nothing at all to complain about here in Australia, but yet so many people do.

Talipa was on the menu for tea that night. Talipa is a fresh water fish. It’s grilled whole, there’s not a lot of flesh on it and you work hard for what you eat. But I was pretty happy to polish off a couple of them that night – although was not going near the head of the fish!

Over all a good few days away, lovely accommodation hosted by Marita (friend of Mike and Shirley), even if there was no hot water (at least the pit toilet didn’t smell!) Next morning was home time, quite an early start, so off to bed early that night.


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