August 11, 2011

Working near the Nile

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So about 12 months ago, I was enjoying a day at the Nile Safari Lodge. This was no ordinary day either. As part of my training, I have to spend time with my coach (Mike) reviewing and discussing assignments, competencies and church/leadership in general. So today was the day we designated a few hours to go over some.

So… the Nile Safari Lodge… Well, what a great view. I think I could have plenty more coaching sessions if they all had a setting and view like that! Looking over the Murchison National Park, wildlife spotting, watching the hippos wallow in the water, watching the birds, butterflies, insects, chameleons… the list goes on.

The trip from Bulisa to the Lodge is about an hour. You have to cross into the Murchison National Park (of course where you have to pay money to enter), but you’re rewarded with a great drive through the park to get to the Lodge. Naturally enough down some great roads that Uganda is known for…
The boom gate to get into the lodge is a classic – they have somebody there who manually lifts and lowers it as you come in. But hey, your first introduction to the Lodge is a friendly boom gate man, so that’s a bonus! They have a nice pool (DUST FREE!!!), but it was a bit cool for swimming… yes, it was only around 24-25deg, needs to be around 30 I reckon to go swimming! Went for a short walk to the camping area. There’s a guard there who’s job is to keep away the wild animals mainly during the night, but also during the day. Never fear people, he will keep you safe. He is well armed with his bow and arrows…
Lunch at the lodge was a 2 course meal. I had steak and it was THE BEST steak I had had in a long time. The meal was absolutely delicious and well worth travelling there for.

Oh yeah, we also did some work…in between the eating, walking, wildlife watching and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere! I’m sure many people would be more than happy to have their coaching session or business meeting at a place like that every time.

I’ve put a couple of Mike’s photos in here. He kept complaining that his camera wasn’t as good as mine, so therefore it wasn’t good enough to take good shots. I picked up his camera, took a couple of good shots and proved that it wasn’t the camera. After that the complaining stopped and his photography improved!

One of the things that made me stop and stare (literally) was the Ugandans building a tower – which I presume was some kind of mobile phone tower – without a crane or any other mechanical aid. To get the piece up there, there was a team pulling the piece up to where it was needed on the tower. They’d come right across the road to do that. Once they got the piece up there, the guys would grab it and start putting it into place. I dunno if the guys had some kind of safety harness up there, you’d hope so. Wonder if they just bolted it in, or whether they welded it on. Wouldn’t want to drop a tool anyway! (It’s not the best photo of the tower building, it was getting dark as we got there.)


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