August 8, 2011

Kampala to Bulisa

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About 12 months ago, I headed off to Murchison Falls. It’s a fair hike from Kampala to Bulisa where we were staying – well, ok it’s only just over 300kms, but that doesn’t mean it will only take 3 hrs to get there. We allowed a day 🙂 But that did allow time for sightseeing!

When you drive along a stretch of road that you always drive along, but instead of just your normal destinations you’re going somewhere different – on a trip away – I reckon you see the same road in a different light. Perhaps it’s your mind set – you notice different things, you’re more aware of the people and the scenery. So as we cut across from Gayaza road to Bombo road, the same stretch of road took on a new light. It was still dusty. But there seemed to be more people than normal walking alongside the road, going places, out working – and I could pity them coz I wasn’t working!

Once you get past the outskirts of Kampala, the road is pretty good and there’s much less traffic and no crazy speed humps or moon crater pot holes in the road! We had a pretty uneventful trip to Masindi, were we stopped for lunch. Found a pretty cool place to eat that must get quite a few tourists stopping on their way through to Murchison National Park. Had a pretty good menu and the food that came out was quite good. Sorry no photos and can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I do have a photo of the toilet roll holder.

After Masindi the road turned to mud. No more nice asphalt to drive on. If you’re driving anywhere on dusty roads with the window down – dust comes into the car. If you have the window down and the road is muddy, what comes into the car? Yep, mud. All over Mike’s nice white shirt. Of course Shirley and I had enough brains to keep the windows up, so we were fine. Some pretty cool scenery as we drove from Masindi to Biso, through some jungle and plenty of sugar cane plantations. Saw some traditonal grass huts with real people living in them – not like the ones at the museum. Stopped to take a photo of them and as soon as the kids saw the camera, most of ’em took off. I was ok with that, because I wanted a photo of the huts, not the kids…

Nearly took out another motorcyclist. The guy was riding along on the wrong side of the ride, so almost as far as you could get to the right. That’s a stupid place to ride anyway, you never know what’s going to come around those blind corners, but this guy caused his own demise. We were across on the left, had slowed down (you just can’t trust the drivers in this area) and the motorcyclist turned and saw us. All would have been ok if he had’ve stayed on the wrong side of the road. But he saw us, kept riding for a few seconds, then all of a sudden decided he was going to get back to the correct side of the road. So he swerves quickly to the left, gets his wheels caught in the mud, and right in front of us drops the bike. Slammed on the brakes, stopped just in time and I reckon we missed him by an inch, the back wheel of the bike would have been under the car (good thing it is high). Gave him a real fright and he gets up, arms waving and yelling you drive on the left side over here, the left side… yes, so why weren’t you on the left???

Thankfully no more humans getting in the road after that, once we passed Biso though, we had to deal with the baboons. Those baboons are ugly. Not far out of Biso you head down a hill. About half way down we stopped and you get this cool lookout over Lake Albert. The surrounding area is all plains, so you can see for miles, it’s a pretty good view. Plenty of wildlife on the last leg of our journey – I think it was mostly Ugandan Cob.

Made it to Marita’s and that night I went for a short walk just on dusk around the area. Got some old man demanding money for taking photos of plants that weren’t even his. Sadly, they see muzungus over there and think we’re fair game to ask for money.

And frogs… there were frogs everywhere at night…


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