August 7, 2011

Ben’s Church

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Continuing my 12 months ago series…
Twelve months ago I was in Uganda and had just got back from a week on Bugala Island, Kalangala District, Uganda. Bugala island is one of the Ssese islands on Lake Victoria. Great island, great place to visit. But I’ve already posted a fair few photos of that, so now on to the real reason why I was in Uganda!

This weekend (12 months ago) I preached at Ben’s church. I actually forget the name of his church, so we’ll just call it Ben’s church. Normal services in Uganda are in Ugandan, most of the time though any speaking is translated into english (which sometimes you can almost understand…). The worship however is just loud and all in Ugandan. For something different, we decided to teach them a couple of songs in english. Got Mike on the guitar, Shirley and I up there doing the actions (Ugandans love to dance, so we picked a couple with actions) and off we went. They actually picked it up fairly quickly, so that was good, although I doubt they ever sung the songs again… I got them to get the drums out – they are great drummers, but apparently since electrical instruments have come along, they have laid the drums aside. That’s a bit disappointing, because drums add so much to a church service (of course being a drummer I would say that). For something else that was different, we also did communion during the service. They don’t have communion in church in Uganda, not because they don’t believe, but mostly because they can’t afford the communion elements. I think they all enjoyed it which was good.
After all that, we got down to the preaching. Esau was my interpreter for the day so I had a bit of fun with him while I was preaching. At the end we had a ministry time where we prayed for everyone and between us had a word from God for everybody. That was pretty cool, we bounced off each other, confirmed what each other was getting and flowed in the spirit. People’s lives were touched by God and that is the most important thing. As ones who are called to minister to people, all we can ask for is that God will move in their lives and bring about change and passion for Him.
Had a heap of fun at Ben’s church, had the customary sodas after church that they blessed us with, then we headed off home. Here’s a few shots at Ben’s church. Next week we headed off to the Murchison National Park so stay tuned for those stories and some of those photos.

For some other photos from Ben’s church, check out this post.


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