July 31, 2011

Ugandan flora, Lake Victoria docks and the cold

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Continuing my “twelve months ago” series on Uganda…
One thing that really surprised me in Uganda was how cold it was. The first week there I woke up to dew on the cars! I certainly wasn’t expecting to have to drag the long pants out at all in Uganda, and I only narrowly avoided having to do that – mainly because I stayed inside til it warmed up, or went out into the sun. The Ugandans would ask me how Uganda was that first week and my answer was the same – it’s SO cold here! Even they did agree that it was unusually cold, so I felt a little better after hearing that.
Another thing that stood out was the flora – beautiful flowers, mostly in the gardens of houses, although much more of an english feel than I expected – although that makes sense seeing as Uganda used to be a British nation.
We also took a short drive around part of Lake Victoria on the outskirts of Kampala. I guess it would be the equivalent of our “docks” on the sea. There was a market there, fishing boats and of course more people… Mike got us some “skewers”. I had one piece of “meat” off the skewer before he told me what it was. Liver… ewwww…. I didn’t eat any more after that. I’m not an offal fan. If I hadn’t eaten for a few days and there was nothing else…. maybe then. Otherwise – no way!

Anyway, here’s some more photos from the first week – the dew on the car, the lake side “docks” and a few of the flowers (and plants) around Mutumdwe. (Sorry, no idea of the name of the flowers!)


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