July 23, 2011

Sausages and Crumble

Filed under: Food — pearsey @ 2:35 pm

Apricot sausage casserole on a bed of rice, and peach and pear crumble were on the menu tonight for the visitors. I’d never made either of these before (well plenty of crumbles, but not with these fruits) and as I explained this to the guests as I dished it up, I got a couple of “oh no what are we in for” looks…

I did cheat a bit with the sausage casserole. I used a maggi sausage casserole base, but the basic ingredients were apricot sauce, a couple of carrots and onions, 2 tblsp tomato paste and some water. Throw in about 8-12 sausages and bake in the over for about an hour. I gave the sausages a quick fry in the frying pan first, just to seal them, then whacked them in the dish on top of the carrots and onions, poured the sauce over and into the oven. Sausages from the Gunbower Butcher – they tasted really really nice.

As for the crumble… well, one of the visitors asked for the recipe! Umm… no recipe there… just throw in the basic crumble ingredients, whack it on top of the peaches and pears (a tub of fruit from the SPC Ardmona factory) with some cinammon and into the oven. A lovely hot dessert with some ice cream. Oh yeah, nearly forgot the secret ingredient. Lemon juice! I read somewhere that you can add a quick squeeze of lemon juice to pears before covering with crumble for something different – that was a nice twist to the dish.

All up, a very good meal (must have been, I went to squash right after that and won my first game this season) and sausage casserole was still pretty good the next day reheated.

That’s the end of my food posts for a while… well, til I cook again. Am thinking of making some apricot chicken sometime soon, we’ll see how that turns out.


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