June 10, 2011

The Oven Mitts

Filed under: Idle Ramblings — pearsey @ 9:11 pm

Today I got some cool silicone pig oven mitts from work. They kind of grow on you, so I brought them home to test them out. Who’d have thought that oven mitts that feel just like a lump of rubber would actually work. But yet they do, I tried them out tonight. So now I am the proud owner of a pair of oven mitts, in the shape of a pig with cute little ears and a snout and when I’m not using them as oven mitts, I can use them as hand puppets!

The COOL pig oven mitts!

In other news… I was reading a book earlier this week and it suggested that you should be able to laugh at yourself and do something embarrassing. So I took that advice literally. The next day I went to go to work, jumped in the car and tried to start it. It turned over, but it wouldn’t start. I tried it again – nothing. So I went inside, figured it wouldn’t start because it was so cold and decided to wait a couple of hours til it warmed up and try it then. So when I went outside and tried it again and the same thing happened, I decided to call the racv. When they got here the guy tried to start it, and straight away said it’s out of petrol. “The petrol gauge didn’t move when I tried it and it says 0km to empty”. I knew it was getting fairly low, but I measure how many kms per tank I get, so I know how far I should be able to go – and I hadn’t got there yet. Anyway, despite my lame attempt at a protest, he proceeded to put some petrol in. The fact that you’re sitting here reading this means you can guess what happened. The car started after he’d put petrol in and I very quietly signed all the paper work… Still though, trying to defend myself one last time, thinking I’d finally got him, I said that doesn’t really explain why it did the same thing yesterday morning and last night. Oh yeah, it was probably low then and you’re lucky it started those times. So I’m sharing this, so that not only can I laugh at myself, but you can join in too!
One last lame defence… The car got a new petrol filter put in it a few months ago and this was the first time I’d run the tank low, maybe the petrol filter affected it? Ok, yes, I just let it get too low… It’s not so bad, I’ve done it before… It was more embarrassing those times.


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