December 5, 2010

A three hour tour

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Uganda may not have a beach, but they have something pretty close.  The Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria, is Uganda’s answer to tropical islands.  Bugala Island in Kalangala district is known as one of the best of Uganda’s islands and is not far from Entebbe.  In fact, it’s about a 3 hour ferry ride.  That is of course, if the ferry is operational.  On the way over, we caught the ferry. You get a nice tour of the airport from the Lake, past a few fishing villages and you get to see the rubbish tip, I mean lake, close up.  Yes, sadly, like most large bodies of water, they tend to use it as a rubbish receptacle.

By the time we went to return about 4 days later, the ferry had broken down and instead we had a fishing boat I guess you’d call it.  The return trip was more like 5 hours, stuck in a boat where you couldn’t move – no toilet facilities, no seating and no shade.  I was fortunate enough to get an almost purpose made seat sitting on my luggage, so I determined not to move so I could keep my “seat”!  On the downside, this just happened to be next to one of the rudest people I have ever had the pleasure of not being able to talk to!  She was pushing and sighing, and rolling, and getting food all over everyone’s luggage, changing her kid’s nappy on top of the luggage (guess where that ended up)… and well, this post is not about her!

Anyway, it all added to the adventure, and while I never felt in danger, you could see why so many people die in transport boating accidents, especially in third world countries.  The boat was probably overloaded, nobody was wearing life jackets, plenty of cargo and having a guess, I’d imagine most of the people probably couldn’t swim.  I heard a few weeks ago that the ferry was still out of action and I was on the ferry back in the first week of August.  Ah, Africa.

Here’s a few photos of the ferry, the boat back and the trip over.  I’ll save the island photos for another post!


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