October 31, 2010

Day 29 – Discern the mentor

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Day 29 – Some rebel against an instruction from a financial deliverer God has anointed to unlock their faith during their time of crisis.

God hasn’t forgotten us.  He knows what each one of us is going through.  He knows what each one of us needs.  Often though, we need to search for it, find it and believe that it exists.  We need to pursue those who God is using to fuel our faith.  Honour and treasure them, listen to what they’ve got to say, read their books.  Sit under them and their anointing and let them mentor you.

Sit under leaders who fuel your faith, not your doubts and fears.  Allow yourself to be influenced by them.  Joshua and Caleb went to the promised land, saw the giants, but decided instead to focus on the grapes.  The other spies saw the giants, focussed on them and came back and influenced the rest of the Israelites negatively.  Discern the faith filled leaders and mentors and sit under them.  When you sit under them, recognise when God is saying to you through them and obey what they are telling you to do.  Then you will see the miracles.

There is incredible power in an anointed person of God.  In 1 Samuel (9:3-10:10) we see Saul and his servant who had lost their donkeys remember the man of God.  They went to see him, took an offering and had an encounter with God.  They obeyed what he said to do and through that encounter, Saul ended up becoming king of Israel.

Take some time to recognise the men or women of God that God sends to you.  They may not come how you’d like them to come – the might not talk the way you would like, they may do things unconventionally, they may make you uncomfortable – but let the Spirit of God in you discern the Spirit of God in them.

This is a summary, from chapter 29, 31 Reasons people do not receive their financial harvest, written by Mike Murdock.


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