October 26, 2010

Day 26 – Recognise your enemy

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This is a summary, from chapter 26, 31 Reasons people do not receive their financial harvest, written by Mike Murdock.

Day 26 – Most people fail to recognize the enemies of their harvest and prosperity

Everything good has an enemy.  “Your enemy is any person or influence that endeavours to stop you from achieving a worthy dream or goal assigned by God.”  The enemy uses people to distract us.

The goal of the enemy is to rob God of the pleasure you or I generate for Him.  Satan fears us.  He is aware of God’s plans for us, our potential and our success.  “You have a relationship he formerly enjoyed with God”.  Your God given dream and instructions from God is your goal.  Your destruction is his goal.  We have an enemy who shows no mercy.  Our financial harvest also has an enemy.  We need to discern our enemy early (Eph 4:27).

If there is continuous conflict or continuous problems, this reveals the presence of an enemy you are permitting (James 3:16).  If you have the same problems over and over, then somehow you must be permitting the enemy to be there.  Evaluate your life.  Where or what are the problems you have over and over again?  Face your enemy immediately.  Become serious about overcoming your enemy – poverty, lack, whatever it is.  A financial harvest is the biggest fear of the enemy.  A church with financial resources can advance the gospel, send missionaries, reach more people and touch more lives.

Three enemies of the harvest:

1.       Wrong relationships. Your friends are fuelling your dreams or doubts.  Decided and discern those that are helping or hindering.  Some will criticise, some will encourage, some will doubt you and some will compete with you.  Don’t trust the wrong people.

2. Wrong teaching. Somebody is always imparting wrong information.  Gal 3:1a “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?”  Mike uses this example:  Many people say that if you get lots of money, you will backslide and go away from God.  But if this was the case, then why isn’t satan giving you loads of money?  To destroy Job, he stopped the flow of money into his life rather than increasing it.  Learn God’s principles about finances.

3. Wrong words. Your words are powerful and creative (Prov 18:21).   They decide what grows in you (Prov 10:11).  They should be spoken at the right place, with forethought and be encouraging and uplifting.  Don’t discuss your flaws with everyone.  You are a child of the King.  A giant killer.  Talk like it.  Don’t continue with your negative, doubting, fearful words.

Your mouth is your deliver, weapon, motivator.  Use it wisely.


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