October 22, 2010

Day 21 – Obey basic principles

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Day 21 – Millions refuse to obey the very basic and simple laws of God.

The scriptures say if you obey what God says, you will have plenty.  Blessings will come upon you and even overtake you!  (Deut 28:1-2)

God has four basic principles of prosperity.

1.       The principle of work.  God only promised to bless the work of your hands (Deut 28:12).  If you refuse to work you are disorderly and a busy body (2 Thes 3:11), you should be denied food (2 Thes 3:10), that person must be noted and have nothing to do with them (2 Thes 3:14).  Be productive wherever you are.

2.       The principle of diligence.  If you are diligent, you will be made rich (Prov 10:5b), you will always have plenty (Prov 13:4), you shall become supervisors and leaders (Prov 12:24), you will become creative in solving problems (Prov 21:5), and the diligent know the state of their affairs (Prov 27:23).  Find problems at work and solve them, flourish where you are working and news will travel.

3.       The principle of wisdom.  Become good at what you do.  Become knowledgeable about something – usually it would be what you love doing (Prov 3:13,16).  When you find what you love and become wise about it, you will be paid for doing it.

4.       The principle of waiting.  Be patient to see your havest and rewards.  Plan for the long term rather than the immediate.  If you get a raise, invest it, do something wise with it.

5.       The principle of mentorship.  Who are you learning from?  What are the last three financial questions you asked?  Who did you ask these questions to?  What have you done about their answers?  What investment opportunities are you pursuing?  If you’re not going to bother doing what they suggest, then don’t bother asking.

6.       The principle of integrity.  God sees everything.  Do things honestly.  Quality will be part of integrity.

The scriptures are integral to everything.  Obey them and you will be prosperous.

This is a summary, from chapter 21, 31 Reasons people do not receive their financial harvest, written by Mike Murdock.


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