October 2, 2010

Gayaza Road, Kampala

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Gayaza road, the major road out to the side of the city was being prepared to be asphalted when I first arrived. That was about the only time I got to travel on it for the whole 6 weeks I was there, because not long after this, they closed the road to all but pedestrians, bicycles, boda bodas and those who could bribe their way through, so that they could carry out the works properly. That meant a huge detour round back roads to get out to where I was staying with Mike and Shirley. The back roads were not made for the volume of traffic that the detour directed their way and those roads began to deteriorate pretty badly in the short time I was there. I have some video of those roads around somewhere, I might even get around to putting it up at some stage. Anyway, a few sights along Gayaza road.
You’ll see a couple of photos there where we took a detour. We didn’t realise they’d closed the road and we had no idea where to go. So we followed the cars in front of us and hoped they knew where they were going. I saw quite a few trucks (and cars) that had slidden off the road like the one in the photo – slippery roads in the rain, poorly maintained vehicles and roads that just weren’t built for vehicles, let alone trucks.


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