September 18, 2010


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One thing I quickly found out in Uganda was that there were people everywhere you went. It didn’t matter whether you were in the city or the country, there was always somebody around. You’d think you were in a quiet area in the jungle, then out of the jungle people would emerge. I guess with a population of 31 million in an area about the size of Victoria, there’s not that much spare space.
Here’s some shots from around Luweero. We just took a drive through a village, then headed out to look at some land of a friend. Of course there’s always plenty of kids around, some wanting money from us, others who were just happy to talk to Muzungu’s (white man), others who were too shy to talk, but didn’t run away and those who did all three. Normally taking a photo of them and then showing it to them broke the ice. The kids over there are plenty of fun to be around.
There were heaps of schools along the road as you drove along, but perhaps one striking image was that of a school where there were kids who were all dressed nicely in their school uniform, out in the school yard playing, but literally right next door to that was a kid, about the same age, who was sweeping the dirt floor of his house. He should have been at school. But I guess for whatever reason he wasn’t, most likely because those who were looking after him couldn’t afford to pay for him to go. Even at such a young age, the future for these kids is being decided by factors that are beyond their control. Those that don’t get an education are more than likely destined to be stuck in the same cycle of poverty that has claimed them now.


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