September 18, 2010

Around Mutumdwe

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Mutumdwe is in Kampala, on the other side to where I was staying. This side of town is the wealthier side of town. Houses are much bigger, blocks of land are much bigger, the roads are better and the area is generally much better developed.
Here’s a little mud brick operation. Mud bricks are pretty much all they use to build with over there. Before the mud bricks, they used to make mud huts with a bark roof. If you get outside the city, you’ll still see plenty of them, with people still living in them.
The views of Kampala were taken from the hill in Mutumdwe and since the terrorist bombings in Uganda, this hill has been guarded by the military. We got their permission to look around and while we were looking, we got escorted to ensure that we never took any photos of the half finished former Vice Presidents house. The picture of the house (below) was taken on a previous visit there. The general in charge of the soldiers on the hill asked Mike whether I could be left there for the night and returned to Mike tomorrow. Mike politely told him that wouldn’t be happening and we never did find out why they thought a half finished abandoned house on top of a hill was worthy of being guarded 24 x 7 by a dozen or so soldiers.


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