December 27, 2009

Christmas Haul

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Following on from last year, we have this year’s Christmas details.

Presents: Sunbeam Mixmaster Compact Pro, Digital SD Set Top Box (with USB record and playback), square corning ware casserole dish with lid, Natural Wonders of Australia 2010 calendar, hair straightener, Bathox Handwash, personalised postage stamps with a photo of Gary and I on them, a Christmas Tea Towel and placemat, a single soup/spag bowl large (the same as I got last year) and 1 smaller one, guitar tuner, light globe, the painting I bought in Laos was mounted and framed for me, SVideo bidirectional adapter, RCA plugs, a left/right audio to headphone plug, 2 rolls of waxed lunch wrap, a cushion insert for my cushion cover, a necklace, and a pair of long handed tree loppers.

Inventive Present Wrapping: Steve and I again had Gary in our sights. This time his presents were wrapped in a pass the parcel kind of format. Each time he opened a present he had either a challenge to complete or a question to answer before he could continue unwrapping. The questions were reasonably easy, but a couple of challenges were a little harder. The “one fluffy bunny” marshmallow game (up to ten) was funny to watch (video footage is around somewhere!) and the “tie a knot in a snake with your mouth/tongue” was also good value. Not quite as long as last year, but equally enthralling.

Boxing Day Entertainment: This year I headed off to the cricket to watch Australia and Pakistan with Mike and Shirley. Was a slow start to the day cricket wise, but thankfully Australia got a bit of a move on later in the day. The crowd of course, is the main reason you go to the cricket and that was worth being part of. The three guys from Brisbane in kilts I met on the tram on the way back also deserve a special mention!

Christmas Day entertainment: Well, I was hoping to sleep in, but that didn’t happen, so I went for a run instead, came home to sing some Christmas carols, then headed off to Mum and Dads for a traditional Christmas lunch, complete with Pudding, with Mum/Dad/Steve. The evening was spent showing off my Laos ’09 photos to the family, a bbq tea with Mum/Dad/Heather/Gary/Steve, then the present opening!

Hope you had a great Christmas anyway, because I did!


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