December 24, 2009

Are you ready for Christmas?

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I was asked the other day “Are you ready for Christmas”?  Such a simple question, but I wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

Am I ready?  Well yeah, I have most of my presents purchased.  They’re not wrapped yet, but that’s not hard.  Am I ready for a 4 day holiday, followed by a 3 day week before another 3 day weekend?  YES!  Am I ready to catch up with my brother and sister when they come home for the holidays?  Yep.  What about food wise?  Yes, I think Mum has all that organised.   But am I ready?

Am I ready?  Am I ready for Christmas?

But…. is Christmas really about presents, family, holidays and food?  I watch people scurrying around Christmas eve – doing last minute preparations.  Hurridly looking for the last minute gift to give somebody, buying up more food (just in case they don’t have enough leftovers for 10 days), busily organising homes and houses so they are prepared for family to come around or madly finishing off work before going on holidays.  As I drove home  today, I drove past the guy with about 50 chairs on the back of his trailer – no doubt headed somewhere where they’ll be sat upon tomorrow.  But next I passed a policeman.  He’d pulled somebody over, no doubt frustrated, as drivers dash everywhere, all in a mad panic, trying to get things done before the big day tomorrow.  Is he ready for Christmas?  All he wants is for us to drive safely so he doesn’t have to get called out to a road accident.

What about the broken families?  Are they ready for Christmas?  Are they ready for possible arguments, or sharing Christmas apart from their kids, or the violence and despair that may follow a Christmas meal?

And where in all of this is the true meaning of Christmas?  Sure, many, many people think that Christmas is about family, food, presents and holidays.

But amid the hustle and bustle, do we quieten our hearts to be truly ready Christmas?  Do we take time out to focus on what Christmas is truly about – that is the birth of a Saviour who is Messiah and Master?  The birth of our Saviour, a tiny baby born in a manager, but a baby born as Saviour, Messiah and Master.  God himself, revealed in a human being.  When Jesus came, it was a great and joyous event.  He brought peace on earth (Luke 2).

We sing about it in the Christmas carols and we listen to the message in those same Christmas carols.  It’s what Christmas is all about.  A great and joyous event, an event that brings peace to the world.  An event that divided history.  An event that changed the world forever.  A baby born in a manager.  Born as a Saviour, Messiah and Master.

Are you ready?  Ready to reflect on what Christmas really means?  Ready to celebrate with gusto the birth of a Saviour who changed the course of the world?  Ready to draw strength from that event and go on to greater things? As I think on this, and my Saviour Jesus, born in a manger, changing the course of history, I can’t help but ponder what Jesus went on to do. He conquered the world. And the same spirit that lives in Jesus, that allowed Him to come into the world and that raised Him from the dead, lives in me.

You know what?  I think I’m ready!


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