November 24, 2007

Billy and Steve

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I’m not an animal person, but when I saw a galah on the ground as I drove into church one day, I couldn’t help but be moved. So I took a few photos, then gave a lady from work a call. She came and got him (I presume it is a him) and has been hand rearing him. Of course the galah, who I have nicknamed Billy is coming to work, so we have a galah walking round the office. Thankfully he can’t fly yet, but it won’t be long, so Billy may not make another appearance at work before he heads off to his home.

As if helping one bird wasn’t strange enough for me…

Outside our office I saw a little baby bird that had obviously fallen out of it’s nest. It was laying there with no feathers, little frame that will one day become its wings, and heart still beating. Well it needed to be put out of its misery, so I called one of the other ladies at work, coz I wasn’t going to do it!

Anyway, I just presumed she would’ve done that and I heard nothing more about the bird… That was until I got asked to take place in a little bet that we were all having: what kind of bird is the baby bird? The lady who I thought was going to put it out of its misery had compassion on it was hand rearing it and had christened it Steve! So now we have two birds in the office.

You wouldn’t get this in the city!

Update! 9/12/2007 – Steve is a sparrow!  That’s right, we have a pet sparrow in the office!


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