August 9, 2007

Out at sea

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Well, I got to donate blood again last Friday. Nothing is ever easy or uneventful when I’m around. First off my hemoglobin had dropped enough from last time for them to have to do a “venus” test (it was still within normal range though). So I had that test done first, that’s easy – they just take your blood twice. So I had needles stuck in both my arms and blood sucked out of both arms instead of just one… great. Then after they’d taken my donation I felt like I was going to throw up so I got to lay there for a while with my legs up in the air. Had a few less nurses running after me this time, so that’s good! The only good thing I got out of that was that if that happens after I donate next time I don’t have to donate! YEAH!!! Wait, I shouldn’t be so excited… Anyway, I got a key ring because I’d donated twice and the next few days I don’t think I had any after affects like last time. Maybe because I got them to take less out this time perhaps.

Here’s a few random thoughts. If you know what they mean, good. If you don’t, too bad…!

I think I’ve missed the wave and I’m out at sea. I don’t know how I get back on the wave.

If you didn’t know I was going OS again, I leave in about 6 weeks or so.

I have a guitar. For the record: I remember praying a while ago something like “God if you want me to learn the guitar you’ll find me a guitar that I can borrow”. So now I have one, it’s got strings and I’m trying to figure it out. I need that written down somewhere so that when I get frustrated because my fingers won’t go where they’re meant to (like after about 10 minutes of practice), I’ll remember that the guitar is an answer to prayer.

I’m still running, but not doing as much. The last few days I’ve been cramping up when I run and every step is jarring – dunno how to describe it really. I’m ok walking though.

It’s raining – good thing I’ve been for my run.


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