August 1, 2007


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In Bendigo we have a group of churches who work together, called Citywide Connections. The ultimate aim of Citywide connections is to bring the light of Jesus to the community and impact the community in practical ways. This year Citywide are running a campaign to increase the number of litres of blood donated through the red cross. Last year 2500 litres were collected in Bendigo and we’re aiming to double that to 5000 litres this year. Obviously that is only going to happen if more people begin donating blood. Which is the purpose of this post.

I hate blood. I hate the site of it. In fact, I hate anything to do with hospitals, health, doctors and anything else like that. I don’t watch any of those hospital shows on tv. I avoid talking about it and listening to any conversations about illnesses and stuff like that. So you can kind of see that me and blood donating are not a good combination!

So I finally got up my nerve and about 3 months ago a group of us went in and donated. I didn’t look at all and didn’t let the nurse explain the procedure to me. We took photos and it took me a few days before I was game enough to download and look at the photos! What happened while I gave blood didn’t help either. Just as they took the whatever it is that sucks the blood out, I started feeling rather unwell… Next thing I have a nurse there asking me if I’m still there and a couple of others running around after me – finding fans and stuff like that! Hey, call me attention seeking if you like! So needless to say I spent a lot more time there than you’re meant to. The next couple of days I didn’t feel too good – after I’d eat, I’d feel dizzy. So most people who heard my story didn’t expect me to go back and give again.

But I’m due to head to the blood bank on Friday and here’s the purpose of this story. Somebody today asked me why I’m going back. I can tell you that its not because giving blood saves lives. As far as I’m concerned, they can use somebody else’s blood to save lives!

No, the reason I’m going back is simple: For years I have prayed that the church would impact the community. Now we have a campaign, led by the combined churches of Bendigo, that impacts the community. If you’re not willing to be part of the answer to the prayers that you pray, then maybe you shouldn’t be praying them. So as much as I hate the thought of the blood getting sucked out of my arm, I know that what I’m doing is part of being an answer to the church impacting the community. I’m putting my prayers into action and doing what it takes to be part of that answer.

When it comes to being part of the answer to the prayers you pray, when the rubber hits the road, are you willing to do whatever it takes, or are you content to sit back and just pray, saying that you’re doing your bit?


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